1/365 (iPhone)

This is my new thermos lens cup! Came in the mail today!

I used my iPhone to take this pic, and I used Instagram – Amaro filter

Instagram is a brilliant way to take, edit and share photos! you can also follow other people. And you can only get Instagram on your smart phone.

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This is my first wordpress blog, I’ve had another blog before. but i wasn’t as active on it as I wished I could, so we’ll see how this goes! I am new to this so bare with me 🙂

I dunno yet what i want this blog to be, like a portfolio or just a blog where I put random pix i’ve taken on.. probably the latter !

I’ve studied photography for two years at a private school in Oslo, moved back home after I finished to work and save up some money for a new camera and equipment, and hopefully do some small jobs here and there.

So for now this will be a blog to keep me busy, not that i’m not already with two jobs, but busy taking photos. Haven’t taken pix in a while and I don’t want to get rusty, as it is a photographer I want to be! so any suggestions to what I can take pix of will be much appreciated 🙂 and if you want any advice or have questions about photography, don’t hesitate to ask!

I am gonna start a project that i have seen many of my classmates have started on Facebook where they take and post a pic everyday for 365 days, so that is what i am gonna do. Will be posting here and on Facebook and will mark the with x/365. Other photos that is not a part of that project will be marked with other names.

I will be using either my Canon eos 45oD or my iPhone 4 (looove the camera apps you get on there) but will mark the iPhone pix with iPhone pix 😉

Will try and post as much info about the pic as i can as it might be helpful to others 🙂

Have a wonderful creative day!

L x

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